Radio Excite vs. Satellite

Radio Excite sounds live and local

Satellite sounds canned and generic. Satellite announcers never say the name of your station or talk about anything local.

Radio Excite transitions are always smooth

Because of timing issues, satellite can sometimes sound "choppy" or there are two things playing at the same time when the system switches between local and satellite.

Radio Excite gives you total control of your music

Satellite programmers create one size fits all formats. They can't customize genres or add/remove specific songs for your local market. When you have total control, you can make your station fit exactly how you want to sound against your competitors.

Radio Excite breaks can be any length

Satellite forces you to play PSA's or other fillers when you have unsold inventory or limits you if you want to sell more than they allow.

Radio Excite never starts in the middle of a song

If your traffic department accidently schedules a break that's too short, the satellite music typically returns and plays the last minute of a song making your station sound bad..Radio Excite starts the song from the beginning everytime.

Radio Excite allows for better remotes

If you do a remote with satellite, you have to watch the clock to perfectly end your remote to time back in to the network. If you have a board operator, sometimes they play music the doesn't fit your format. Radio Excite music will always be selected properly and available to keep things sounding consistent. Plus using Radio Excite with a tablet or laptop, you can even do remotes without a board operator.

Radio Excite works perfect with local shows

No more pulling music to match what's playing on satellite or playing a song only to rejoin the network and hear the same song or artist you just played. plus, your format remains consistent. Radio Excite can even program comment lines in the logs to remind talent of specific break content.

Radio Excite makes it acceptable to have commercials that are over/under length

Satellite requires everything to be timed. With Radio Excite, you can have a spot that is :34 and not mess anything up. This could help in the time for production too. No more re-cutting spots to get to length or using time compression which will give spots a cleaner more natural sound making advertisers happier.

Radio Excite gives you more avails

Satellite requires your station to play national bartered spots. Every national spot you don't have to play by using Radio Excite gives you more time available to play your own.

No More Weather Outages

With Radio Excite, you never need to worry about sweeping the satelite dish during snowstorms or get dropouts due to high winds. Also no more covering spring and fall solar outages.